Sidewalk Concrete Saw Cutting

Sidewalk Trip Hazard Removal

Trip hazard removal is an alternative solution to sidewalk repair that uses a cutting technology to cut the trip hazard from sidewalks. This cost-effective solution ensures public safety by creating a smooth walking surface.

  • Fast effective solution causing minimal disruption to public use of sidewalks
  • Elimination of any deflections using a slope of 1:8 or based on minimum maintenance standards
  • Clean, smooth, groove-free cuts
  • Handheld hydraulic cutter with continuous water flow to minimize dust and ability to reach difficult areas
  • All pieces removed after cutting and areas washed of debris
  • Each cut is recorded by GPS coordinates into our sidewalk cut management software
  • Detailed report provided on a daily or weekly basis depending on customer request

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Sidewalk Trip Hazard Liability

Trip Hazard Liability

Trip Hazard Liability Resolved

Removed Trip Hazard
Sidewalk Concrete Saw Cutting

Cost Effective Trip Hazard Removal

We use professional quality concrete saws for cutting trip hazards on a horizontal plane. Using a concrete wet saw is a faster, cleaner and less expensive method than other processes.

It is more than 10 times less expensive than the removal and replacement of the sidewalk. Cutting trip hazards reduces the impact to landfills by repairing, not removing sidewalk concrete.

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